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Do you suffer from several health problems? Thanks to the unique composition of mineral water of Dudince you can have several problems treated at the same time.

Why heals water of Dudince?

Healing mineral water of Dudince belongs to the most precious ones throughout the world. Its high mineralisation and unique combination of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide enable treatment of various diseases at once:

  • diseases of a loco-motor system
  • neurologic diseases
  • diseases of cardio-vascular system
  • diseases of career stress

Healing effects of the mineral water are also used as prevention against the mentioned diseases.

Why does the water of Dudince manage to treat such a wide spectre of diseases? 


Carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide contained in the water support each other when penetrating into the skin. Carbon dioxide significantly improves skin congestion what in turn influences hemodynamics and decreases the peripheral vascular resistance. Thus it decreases both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It also decreases heart rate frequency, improves heart efficiency and rheological characteristics of blood and blood plasma (i.e. increased flexibility of erythrocytes and decreased trombocyte accumulation).


Resorbed sulphur from hydrogen sulphide contained in the mineral water is caught in the connective tissue the more the more the tissue is damaged. Besides this, water containing sulphur improves extension of capillaries and arteries. They increase the level of vasoactive substances, influence the peripheral sympathetic nervous receptors. They relieve the painfulness sensations and influence haemodynamics similarly as carbon dioxide.


Therefore the mutual synergic influence of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide is used to treat patients with polymorbidity (combination of diseases of cardio-vascular system and diseases of loco-motor system and nervous system). During one healing stay in Spa Dudince we can focus for example on treatment of ischemic heart disease, post-heart-attack conditions, high blood pressure, as well as on degenerative or inflammatory diseases of loco-motor system and neurological diseases.


Pool or tub bath is the basic procedure of the spa stay. Maximum mineral water healing effect is achieved by sitting or lying calmly in water without any useless whirling of water and movements.


Majority of the healing procedures are conditioned by initial medical examination. The attending doctor will recommend you the most suitable healing procedures – according to your health condition. Thanks to individual approach you will return home healthier, more vital and full of power.



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