WELLNEA Vital World

The wellness centre in the spa house Rubín has been providing its services to the spa guests for 10 years. Spa employees competed in finding the best name for the centre. “Vital world Wellnea” was the best suggestion that was expressing the purpose and the atmosphere of the newly opened centre the best. It will give you the necessary energy and vitality…



In the morning hydrokinetic therapy (water gymnastics) takes place in the whirlpool. In the afternoon and in the evening you can use the pool for short relaxation swimming. Water jets and counter-current will massage your body perfectly. This is just the right relax for you.


Do something for your health and condition in the wellness world. Use 2 dry and 2 steam saunas.


Select from the wide offer of relaxation massages. Even though you are not accommodated in the spa houses, you can have a massage. Massages in the wellness world are available for everybody. Book your massage in advance please. 


Services of WELLNEA Vital World:

  • Dry saunas
  • Steam saunas  
  • Whirlpool
  • Tepidarium 
  • Aromatic massages
  • Relaxation DUO bath for a couple
  • Solarium  
  • Relaxation zone  
  • Whirling indoor pool 
  • Refreshment 



Monday - Friday 14:00 - 21:00
Saturday - Sunday, Holiday 10:00 - 12:00, 12:45 - 21:00




Indoor whirling pool/ 1 hour  3,60 EUR
Saunas, whirlpool, tepidarium, whirling indoor pool/ 1 hour 8,50 EUR
Saunas, whirlpool, tepidarium, whirling indoor pool/ 2 hour s 15,00 EUR
Season-ticket for 10x one-hour entries – Saunas + Whirling pool 59,98 EUR
Solarium/ 1 min. 0,33 EUR
Relaxation DUO bath for a couple/ 1 hour 30,00 EUR
Classical massage of whole body/ 40 min. 31,20 EUR
Aromatic partial massage/ 15 min. 12,70 EUR
Massage with hot lava stones of the whole body/ 50 min. 37,50 EUR
Massage with hot lava stones of the whole body  with harmon. of chakras/ 70 min. 46,50 EUR
Massage of soles with hot lava stones/ 15 min. 12,00 EUR
Reflex massage of palms/ 35 min 24,00 EUR
Cosmetical lympho-drainage of face, head and décolletage/ 30 min. 21,00 EUR
Hawaii massage – LOMI-LOMI/ 60 min. 45,00 EUR