Mineral Spa Hotel

The modern Minerál Spa Hotel is the best choice if you prioritise comfort when staying at a hotel. 

You will find it in the centre of the town of Dudince right next to the spa, around 390 metres from Rubín Spa House. It underwent complete reconstruction in 2010, and you can now enjoy spa stays there with a treatment regime (including spa treatment covered by health insurance), as well as shorter relaxation and weekend stays.

Dudince Spa Resort provides some spa treatments directly at the spa hotel.



Benefits of the hotel

Types of room at Mineral Spa House

Single room
Double room
Triple room

Room furnishings

LCD television
card key system

Wellness and slender studio

Accommodated guests can use the hotel wellness centre, where they will find a jacuzzi, dry and steam saunas, a Caribbean Storm shower and a cooling pool.

They can also access the indoor and outdoor pools and the services of Wellnea Vital World (free with selected stays, otherwise charged) at Rubín Spa House.

A unique feature at Dudince is the slender studio – machines that do the exercising for you.


Medical treatments

Since 2015, Minerál Spa Hotel has offered several of the treatment procedures provided by Dudince Spa Resort:

  • individual therapeutic exercise
  • hydrotherapy – underwater full-body massage, bubble bath with additives
  • physical therapy – phyaction, ultrasound, infrared radiator, magnetotherapy, reflex segment massage
  • paraffin wrap
  • Oxymat (oxygen therapy)

The complete offer of treatment and above-standard procedures is available in the nearby Rubín Spa House, around 390 m from Minerál Spa Hotel.

These basic treatment procedures can only be undertaken after an initial medical examination.


What our guests say about Mineral

"Your electrotherapy treatment nurses are pure gold, your masseuses are super, as is the jacuzzi."

Heňa, Bratislava

"I was satisfied at Minerál – it is just a pity they don’t have more single rooms."

Eva, Banská Bystrica