About us


Business name of the company:   Kúpele Dudince, a.s.


Registered office:   Kúpeľná 106, 962 71 Dudince, Slovakia (EU)


Company ID number: 31642713

Tax ID number: SK2020474390 

The company is a public joint-stock company pursuant to section 154, par. 3 of the Commercial Code. The company Kúpele Dudince, a.s. has a licence to operate natural healing spa based on a decision of the State Spa Committee of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic in accordance with provisions of section 41, par. 1 and section 42, letter b) of the Act No. 538/2005 Coll. on natural healing waters, natural healing spas, spa sites and natural mineral waters. 


Changes within the company: 

1951 1st spa house with accommodation premises opened in Dudince (in operation until 1970)

1966 Spa house Rubin opened

1970 Spa house Krištáľ opened (today it is the Balneotherapy Krištáľ, a part of the Spa house Rubin)

1978 Spa house Smaragd opened

1953 State Czechoslovak Spa

1991 Slovak medical spa (together with Sklené Teplice)

1996 HONTHERMAE, a.s.

2003 Kúpele Dudince, a.s.