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In addition to procedures, you can also relax in the wellness centre and enjoy physical activity in the fitness centre at Dudince Spa Resort. Or would you be prefer some culture or a trip into the surrounding area? Let yourself be inspired...

Wellness centre at Rubín Spa House

Wellness at Rubín Spa House

You will find the water and sauna world known under the name Wellnea Vital World on the 1st floor of Rubín Spa House. It is available to all guests staying at Rubín Spa House, Smaragd Spa House ouHHand Minerál Spa Hotel, depending on the type of stay – either free or for a fee. Non-guests can also use it.

Learn about everything available to you at Wellnea Vital World, including entry and massage prices and opening hours.

Outdoor swimming pool Rubin

Pools at the Spa

The pleasant and healthy sport of swimming is a popular activity for the majority of the population. It is beneficial for basic physical functions, it cures posture issues and acts favourably on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as the musculoskeletal system. Add a little time in some healing mineral water and you have perfect relaxation.

At Dudince Spa Resort you have available the Rubín outdoor rehabilitation pool, the Wellnea indoor relaxation pool, the mineral pool with Dudince healing water, and the Dudinka swimming pool in the summer.


Reconditioning/Rehabilitation Centre

Rehabilitation is an integral part of treatment and relaxation at the spa. You will therefore also find the best equipped air-conditioned reconditioning/rehabilitation centre in Dudince under the roof of Rubín Spa House. 

Under the expert supervision of a physiotherapist, our centre is more than just a fitness centre. It is equipped with stationary cycles (with a beautiful view of the spa park), a treadmill, steppers, exercise machines, gymnastic balls and other rehabilitation aids. Come and give it a try, and improve your mobility and fitness.

Rubín Sports Centre

Rubín Sports Centre

Rubín Sports Centre offers the ideal combination of entertainment and movement at Dudince Spa Resort. There are two bowling alleys, a squash court and, in the summer, a tennis court in the beautiful environment of the spa’s park. Or perhaps you would prefer our pool table, table tennis or pétanque?

Yet these are far from all the sporting options offered at Dudince Spa Resort. You can lease Nordic Walking sticks and mountain bikes, while the Tourist/Information Centre even offers electric bikes. The spa’s health walk through the Búroš forest park also offers “fitness in nature” and is furnished with several exercise elements and machines. But never fear—they are also suitable for the older generation of spa guests.

Wellness in the nature

Fitpark Smaragd

Cast off your shoes and take a step for your health. They say that wellness starts with the feet. So treat yourself to some wellness in the beautiful spa park next to Smaragd Spa House and have your bare feet massaged by special surfaces that will have a positive effect on your nervous system and mental health after only a few days.

This sensorial barefoot path is, together with a system of eight exercise machines, part of Fitpark Smaragd. Aromatherapy is another new addition to the park.

Wellness and Slender Studio

Wellness and Slender Studio at Minerál Spa Hotel

Accommodation at Minerál Spa Hotel also has several advantages when you consider your free time. Under its roof you will find the hotel wellness centre (with a jacuzzi, dry and steam saunas, a shower with s Caribbean storm, a cooling pool and a relaxation area).

Slender Studio is something unique at Dudince. This is a system of reconditioning tables powered by electric motors where one hour of exercise replaces, in terms of the number of movements, up to six hours of traditional gymnastics! This “exercising” is suitable not only for seniors, but for anybody with problems of the spine or joints, for asthmatics, for women after childbirth, and for people with circulatory disorders and varicose veins. It is also recommended for people with problems related to being overweight.

Smaragd Library

Smaragd Library

Perhaps you think you would be bored at a spa, so you stock up with books and magazines from home. Yet, after the procedures, swimming in the pools, and walks and trips in the surrounding area you find at the end of your stay that you never even unpacked your pile. However, if you do prefer spending your free time submerged in a book, you have the opportunity to borrow something to read from the spa library. 

The new area with the library on the ground floor at Smaragd is also where you can get information about the spa’s surroundings and activities. Yet it remains mainly a library with comfortable armchairs for reading, with almost 5000 books covering many genres. It is a combination of modern architecture and pleasant green shades (typical for Smaragd), and it offers high-quality services.

Dudince and its Surroundings

Dudince and its Surroundings

You will not find any large shopping centres in Dudince. On the other hand, in your free time you can discover the nearby surroundings of the spa town, where nothing is far away: the spa park and the Búroš forest park, cosy wine cellars, historical monuments, historical towns, hiking trails...

You will find the cosy tourism/information centre right in the spa grounds, where the staff from the regional tourism organisation will happily advise you on where to go and how to get there.

Cultural Events

Cultural Events

The procedures at Dudince Spa Resort can relieve pain, yet our ambition is to do even more for you: to have a positive impact on your soul.

We have reconstructed Smaragd Spa House to ensure our guests also enjoy the social aspect of their stays, and so today on the ground floor you can visit the emerald-toned and cosy Smaragd '78 Café and the modern ballroom with its wide range of musical and entertainment programmes and dancing (if the pandemic situation permits). The Lobby Bar at Rubín Spa House often comes alive in the evening with the sound of the piano, cimbalom or a magical harp...

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