Spa houses

The spa houses in Dudince are named after traditional gems and minerals. They had been named during the construction of the spa already with the aim to indicate that they take care of an immense value – the human health.

Spa house Rubin

Its main benefit is that it offers all services under one roof. Whether head for a procedure, to the pool, to do exercises in the recondition-rehabilitation centre, to the hairdresser’s or you simply decide to go out for a dance in the evening – everything, including canteen and restaurant, is within arm's reach. We recommend Rubín also to guests with locomotor problems who could find it difficult to commute to procedures.

Spa house Rubín - Spa Dudince

Spa house Smaragd

Do you prefer more quiet accommodation in bigger rooms? Then Smaragd is the right choice for you. Rubín and Smaragd belong to one complex and you only have to go through the glass connection corridor to get to the spa balneotherapy for procedures. Furthermore, after several months of reconstructions, Smaragd welcomes its guests in more modern premises from May 2015.

Spa house Smaragd - Spa Dudince

Spa hotel Mineral

A modern hotel with air-conditioned rooms in the centre of the spa town Dudince. You can enjoy hotel wellness there. The hotel offers free bathrobes, hotel cosmetics, and food that will please both your sight and stomach. Spa Dudince offers some treatment procedures directly in the hotel. Minerál is a good choice if you prefer comfortable hotel services.

Spa hotel Minerál - Spa Dudince