Swimming pool Dudinka

Brief information for those who have not heard of a woman Dudinka: Dudinka was an ethereally beautiful fairy that gave the healing water to Dudince. Rumours say (and all Dudince citizens believe it) that fairy Dudinka changed the local spring into a healing one. Long time ago she saved a Roman commander´s son with the water.


Since then the water of Dudince brings health to people. And therefore spa is situated in Dudince.


Summer thermal swimming pool is situated approximately 300 metres from the spa houses. It is called after fairy Dudinka. It offers relaxation, summer fun at water, and helps your health, too.

Swimming pool Dudinka

5 reasons why to come to Dudinka swimming pool in summer

1. Pools and mineral water

Dudinka belongs to smaller and quieter (family) swimming pools in terms of its area and capacity. It has 4 pools:

  • Recreational pool - length 25 m, width 12.5 m, depth 1.30 m, water temperature 26 - 28°C
  • Pool with water attractions - water slide exit, family chute, water canal with jets, water temperature 28°C
  • Children´s pool - depth max. 0.4 m, water temperature 30°C
  • Mineral pool with healing water of Dudince - depth 1.05 – 1.14 m, water temperature 33 - 34°C

Mineral pool is a hip-bath pool. It is not designed for swimming and it is only for people aged 15 and more. It is ideal for those who would like to heal their joints, bones, high pressure… However, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases should not stay too long in the pool. Physicians recommend staying 30 minutes in the mineral pool.

You should know that the mineral water of Dudince causes oxidation (blackening) of silver and gold with lower carats, and of fashion jewellery. We recommend taking all your jewellery off before entering the mineral pool. 

Swimming pool Dudinka - mineral pool

2. Free water attractions

All water attractions in the area (water slide, chute, wild water, pool jets) as well as beds, changing rooms or children zone are free of charge. You do not pay extra charges similarly as at other swimming pools. You only pay a fee for the mineral pool (30 min./ 1.70 €).

Swimming pool Dudinka - atractions

3. Delicious refreshment

The love for Dudinka goes through stomach – there are several snack stalls selling delicious refreshment.

4. Free parking

Free parking at a monitored car park only 150 metres from the swimming pool area, near the spa hotel Rubín. If you plan to stay longer we recommend the adjacent Restaurant Rubín with a summer terrace, a sport centre with bowling lanes and squash, or Vital world Wellnea. You can spend some nice moments in a shaded summer terrace of spa hotel Minerál, too.

Spa Dudince - Parking

5. You will not be bored

You will not be bored in Dudinka (unless you would like to) – except for the pools, swimming and sun-bathing you can play beach volleyball or giant chess. Your children can play in a sandpit, at various climbing frames, they can swing or slide... Animators full of energy bring fun to children and adults in July and August.

Swimming pool Dudinka - Spa Dudince
Swimming pool Dudinka - Spa Dudince
Swimming pool Dudinka - Spa Dudince
Swimming pool Dudinka - Spa Dudince
Swimming pool Dudinka - Spa Dudince