Medical Platinum stay

More of health, more of comfort.

Treatment + Wellness
Minimum order of stay: 4 nights
Full board "platinum"
4 treatments daily

What includes the price of this stay?

  • accommodation: Rubin, Smaragd or Mineral Spa house
  • full board "platinum"
    (buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner: large variety of platinum menu, salat buffet, selection of drinks)
  • obligatory initial medical consultation
  • 4 treatments per day on average (Mo – Sa), thereof every 8th from the category of above-the-standard treatments
  • indoor whirling pool Wellnea daily (open whole year round)   
  • exterior pool Rubin daily
    (operation period: depending on weather conditions) 
  • Wellnea Vital World* – 2 hours daily (whirlpool, saunas, tepidarium, relaxation zone)
  • fitness daily

*During summer the client can every day choose between the Wellnea Vital World OR the Dudinka pool: 3-hour entry (with mineral pool entry – max. 30 min.)

It is possible to book a stay of min. for 6 nights during the Easter period.

Other free services:

  • follow-up medical consultation – as necessary
  • final medical consultation and final medical report (if the stay lasts 13 nights or longer)
  • laboratory examination and ECG examination as necessary
  • lending a dressing gown and parking free


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Medical platinum - Spa Dudince

What kind of accommodation do you prefer?



Its main benefit is that it offers all services under one roof. Whether head for a procedure, to the pool, to do exercises in the recondition-rehabilitation centre, to the hairdresser’s or you simply decide to go out for a dance in the evening – everything, including canteen and restaurant, is within arm's reach. We recommend Rubín also to guests with locomotor problems who could find it difficult to commute to procedures.

Price from: 109 €/ night

Price of stay Medical Platinum

Book the stay of 13 nights or more and you`ll save 10,- € per night!
E.g., 08.12.2023
2018-05-012018-10-312019-05-012019-10-312020-05-012020-10-312021-05-012021-10-312022-05-012022-10-312023-05-012023-10-312024-05-012024-10-312024-01-08|2024-03-312023-12-18-00-00-002024-01-07-23-59-59We are sorry, but Rubín accomodation is closed from 18.12.2023 to 07.01.2024.2023-12-16-00-00-002024-01-07-23-59-59We are sorry, but Smaragd accomodation is closed from 16.12.2023 to 07.01.2024.2023-12-15-00-00-002024-01-14-23-59-59We are sorry, but Minerál accomodation is closed from 15.12.2023 to 14.01.2024.0Wrong date. You can start your stay only during working days on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday.Please fill these fields01,2,3,4,5,72024-01-012022-12-19-00-00-002023-01-08-00-00-00We are sorry, but spa are closed from 19.12.2022 to 08.01.2023.2020-04-09-00-00-002020-04-09-00-00-00Please choose a different date of arrival. This stay canˈt be booked from 09.04.2020 to 09.04.2020.We are sorry, but you can reserve it only from 01.05.2018 to 31.10.2018.
Number of persons
Rubin single room
139,0000139,0000129,0000129,0000118,1500118,1500109,6500109,65000,0000145,0000145,0000135,0000135,0000123,2500123,2500114,7500114,75000,00000 139,00
0,00 0,00
Rubin double room
119,0000119,0000109,0000109,0000101,1500101,150092,650092,65000,0000125,0000125,0000115,0000115,0000106,2500106,250097,750097,75000,00000 119,00
0,00 0,00

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