Thai Relax Centre in Dudince

The most valuable treasure of each massage center are its Thai therapists trained at the best monastery school in Thailand – in the masseur school of “Wat Po” in Bangkok. Beside their amazing ability to empathize, admirable incessant positive energy, and their mission to help other people, their invaluable expertise is based on years of experience and the verified heritage of the Thai therapeutic culture. 



Our offer:

  • Traditional Thai massage | Nuad thai 
  • Hot Herbal massage | Rít tee 
  • Foot Massage| Sook dee 
  • Aromatic Oil Thai Massage | Fan dee 


Monday - Sunday 9:00 - 13:00,  14:00 - 18:00


Spa house Rubín, ground-floor 

Contact: Thai Relax Center +421 45 550 4843,