Slender Studio – machines that assist exercise

These machines help people with health-related restrictions to exercise. Our guests staying at Minerál can use this system of reconditioning tables with electric motors during their stay free of charge. Slender tables are also suitable for seniors and those whose state of health does not allow them to partake in classic physical activity.

Slender tables were invented and patented by biochemist Bernard H. Stauffer in California to help his sister and other children affected by the child cerebral palsy epidemic between 1930 and 1950. 

Slender studio

In the past, these machines were used to treat the symptoms of cerebral palsy, however today they have a much wider spectrum of use. One exercise unit on these tables can replace, in terms of the number of movements, up to six hours of classic exercise. This is a popular exercise method and not only with seniors.

MUDr. Dagmar Demeterová, head physician at Dudince Spa Resort:

“Exercising on Slender tables is beneficial for all age categories, not only for seniors. They can be used by people who lack physical fitness, but also by people with severe obesity where their state of health does not allow them to exercise in the classic way. They are also intended for completely healthy clients. As part of a healthy lifestyle, they help strengthen and shape the figure, improve metabolism, and have relaxation and anti-tension effects.”


Machines that assist exercise

Exercising for seniors too – but only when suitable

Although Slender tables are suitable for practically all age groups, it is still not an “innocent” form of exercise and so it is important to pay attention to the following contraindications:

  • pregnancy
  • epilepsy
  • cancer
  • acute infections and infectious diseases
  • fever
  • cachexia (morbid weight loss)
  • thrombosis
  • increased thyroid activity
  • unbalanced blood pressure and heart disease at chronic failure stages
  • heart rhythm disorders
  • valve defects, after heart valve replacement
  • reduced blood clotting and the use of medicines that affect blood clotting
  • after total joint replacements
  • after extensive spinal surgery with fixation
  • pacemakers

Slender Studio for Minerál Spa Hotel clients

A set of six exercise machines available for all accommodated guests is located on the lower ground floor of Minerál Spa Hotel. Entrance is free, however when exercising it is important to bear in mind regularity and intensity. “After exercising you should feel pleasantly tired but not exhausted. This means that, for example, in the case of short relaxation stays we are not trying to make up for everything we have neglected before, but rather we want to realise the importance of a change in lifestyle and the need for physical activity for our health,” says MUDr. Demeterová.