Pools at Dudince Spa Resort

We have prepared for you an overview of the most important information about the pools at the facilities making up Dudince Spa Resort.


In the following article you will learn:

  • about the swimming options at Dudince Spa Resort
  • which pools have healing mineral water
  • the temperature of the water in the different pools
  • the pool opening hours and entrance fees


Mineral pool - Spa Dudince

Mineral pool with Dudince healing water

The mineral pool on the 1st floor of Rubín Spa House (Block F) is used in therapeutic procedures like the group mineral bath (20 min.) followed by a dry wrap (10 min.). 


Pool type sitting (no swimming)
Mineral water yes
Water temperature 34°C
Pool dimensions 8.40 m x 7 m, depth 1.1 m
Open to the public yes (sundays)


whirlpool relaxation pool

Wellnea whirlpool relaxation pool

The indoor whirlpool relaxation pool is part of the wellness offer at Wellnea Vital World under the roof of Rubín Spa House (1st floor, Block G). The hydro-kinesiotherapy (water gymnastics) procedure takes place in the whirlpool pool in the morning. In the afternoon, evening and at weekends the pool is available for relaxation purposes for guests at Rubín Spa House, Smaragd Spa House and at Minerál Spa Hotel (depending on the type of stay: either free or for a fee). The whirlpool pool is also available to non-guests (for a fee).


Pool type whirlpool, relaxation
Mineral water no
Water temperature 34°C
Pool equipment massage jets
Pool dimensions 8.40 m x 7 m, depth 1.1 m
Open to the public no
Open all year
Rubín outdoor pool - Spa Dudince

Rubín outdoor pool

The Rubín outdoor pool is available for rehabilitation purposes for guests at Rubín Spa House, Smaragd Spa House and at Minerál Spa Hotel. Thanks to its modern water-heating technology it operates every day from April to October, depending on the weather. For people paying for their own stays aged over 18, entry to the pool is included in the accommodation package (no extra fee). 


Pool type outdoor, rehabilitation
Mineral water no
Water temperature 28°C
Pool equipment deck chairs, sunshades, lockers
Pool dimensions 25 m x 12 m, depth 1.3 m
Open to the public no
Open April to October


Swimming pool Dudinka - Dudince

Dudinka summer swimming pool

The summer swimming pool with four pools and water attractions is located around 300 metres from the spa houses:

  • recreational pool - length 25 m, width 12.5 m, depth 1.30 m, water temperature 26 to 28°C
  • pool with water attractions – toboggan exit, family slide, water channel with jets, water temperature 28°C
  • children’s pool - depth max. 0.4 m, water temperature 30°C
  • mineral pool with Dudince healing water (sitting) - depth 1.05 to 1.14 m, water temperature 33 to 34°C

All the water attractions in the bathing area (toboggan, slide, wild water, jets), as well as the deck chairs, lockers and children’s area, are available free of charge. Only entrance to the mineral water pool is charged (max. 30 min.). There are several stalls and buffets offering tasty refreshments and free parking in a monitored parking lot only around 150 m from the swimming pool.


Pool type summer, thermal
Mineral water yes (mineral pool)
Water temperature in the pools 26 - 34°C
Pool equipment water attractions, toboggan, slide, deck chairs, sunshades, lockers, buffets, children’s area
Open June to September
Parking free, monitored, around 150 m from the area