About spa

Popular spa in southern Slovakia is situated in altitude of 140 metres above the sea level in a clean environment with mild climate and warm weather from May to October. 


The company Kúpele Dudince, a.s. holds a licence to operate a natural spa based on a decision of the National Spa Commission of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.

Dudince mineral water is the only healing water in Slovakia and in Central Europe that treats both locomotor system diseases and cardio-vascular system diseases at the same time thanks to a unique combination of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. The only spring with water of similar composition in Europe is in Vichy (France).

We take care of your comfort in every season. You can choose a spa house Rubín and a spa house Smaragd that are interconnected by a connection corridor. Guests looking for comfort for reasonable prices and curative treatment can also accommodate in a 4-star hotel Minerál (approx. 450 m far from the spa house Rubín).

Each of the spa houses has own kitchen and canteen.

Curative treatment and procedures are provided in the spa house Rubín (some procedures are also available in the spa hotel Minerál).

In spa Dudince you can choose from 70 various curative and relaxation procedures. Every guest undergoes an initial medical consultation, based on which an individual treatment plan is prepared with regard to the guest´s health condition.